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As you venture through my website, you will not only see some of my work but get a glimpse of who I am and how I got to where I am today. At an early age, I have gained a wide range of experiences that will guide me forward in life. My nature is to be adventurous and to continue stepping outside the perceived boundaries.

I have always believed to not settle for or be too comfortable in your level of success or surroundings. Life changes rapidly, so always aim as high as possible and have integrity in whatever you do.

I am a graduate of Florida Atlantic University, with a Bachelors Degree in Multimedia Journalism and a minor in Geographic Information Systems. I have experience in athletics, geography, acting, film(ing), production, post production, script writing and sales/marketing.


August 2018- April 2019

Associate Producer- Fox News- New York, N Y

Uncovered facts, developed concepts and effectively presented ideas to upper management. Used organizational skills and delivered work product according to pressure filled deadlines. Managed segments for: Tucker Carlson Tonight, The Ingraham Angle and Fox and Friends.

May 2016- May 2018

Production Assistant - US Media Studios- Coral Springs, FL

Demonstrated ability to speak publicly and before cameras. Provided organization skills and negotiated strategies to increase productivity for operations. Management relied upon my abilities to effectively communicate enhancements towards our goal of infomercial taping.

August 2016-December 2016

Investigative Reporter- South Florida Journal Boca Raton, FL

Used interviewing skills to uncover local needs and develop a presentation of facts for South Florida Journal. Presentation concerning Patient Brokering in West Palm Beach, FL was published on November 18, 2016.


March 2016- May 2017

Sales Representative- Home Depot Deerfield Beach, FL

Listening and communication skills assisted with B2B and B2C selling. Uncovered customer needs, implemented solution selling, persuaded customers on product or service to be used and closed opportunity. Presented products and services to small businesses & customers alike.

September 2015- September 2016

On-Air TV Host/Producer- FAU OWL TV Boca Raton, FL

Developed, negotiated and persuaded producers on material to be used before cameras. Delivered presentations before an audience and in front of cameras. Have ability to present material under pressure and in public situations.


Excellent customer service, verbal, writing, presentation and solution selling skills

Negotiation/conflict resolution and up selling abilities

Time management skills

Ability to analyze financial information and proficient in MS Office/ Excel (Spreadsheets)

Awarded scholarships for baseball at Saint Pete College & Nova Southeastern University

Broadcast Experience

Demo Reel 


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**Below are some examples of my work while attending Florida Atlantic University.

South Florida Journal is a weekly review of South Florida news in podcast form. South Florida Journal focuses on issues and events affecting citizens in Broward and Palm Beach counties.The program is produced by Dr. Kevin Petrich’s RTV 4301 Broadcast Journalism and RTV 4304 Advanced Broadcast Journalism students for nine weeks each spring and fall.

My story was selected to air on South Florida Journal. http://www.fau.edu/scms/sfjournal.php

At the noted site scroll down to (Nov 18, 2016 Patient Brokering). It is an Audio file requiring a download to hear). Note my segment starts at 9:35 minutes into this file.

Nicholas McNeil: Investigative review on : “Two way Patient Brokering”

With Co-Host: Sara Pellitier

Note:In this article my text was comprised of talking points that I expanded upon during the interview.


Talking Points Summary:

Sara: As drug abuse continues to rise in Florida, addicts hoping to turn their lives around will usually look to treatment centers for help. However, a few of these treatment centers may not be as legitimate as they appear, with some currently under investigation for patient brokering. South Florida Journal’s Nick McNeil has been covering the story, and is here to tell us more.

Thank you for joining us, Nick.

Nick: Thank you for having me Sara.

1- So Nick what is Patient Brokering?

  • It is the process of health care facilities reimbursing individuals for bringing them drug addicts….. which is totally against the law.
  • According to the American College of Physicians section 817.505
  • It is unlawful for any health insurance provider to offer or pay any commission, bonus, rebates, or “kickbacks”( term for payment) to these individuals who bring them clients.

I was able to speak to Chief Asst. State attorney Al Johnson and he was able to give me a more in depth description of patient brokering….

(Bite 1: Al Johnson) (11:40)

How can one tell a company is patient brokering?

  • When I visited Ebb Tide Treatment center in West palm Beach was able to talk to Justin Kunzleman …director of business development.
  • Terrible set up… he describes the halfway houses as four walls and a roof just to get people in an out.

(Bite 2 Sergeant)

Sergeant so and so went more in depth on what detectives look for in finding these criminals (Intro to bite)

Sara: So Nick, why is there a problem with this in Florida?

Nick: Well Sara

  • There are 750 treatment centers in FL because obviously Florida has a drug PROBLEM. Out of those 750…250 reside in Palm Beach County.
  • Florida has the eleventh highest drug overdose mortality rate in the country. Hence the fact we have a substantial amount of treatment centers.

(Bite 3 Sergeant)

 4. So why does Palm Beach County seem to be a hotspot for these companies…… twice as much as Dade and Broward counties?

  • Too crowded in Broward and Miami area… want to move north to get away from it all.

5- Sara: So these treatment centers are doing what exactly?

Well Sara, these treatment centers are giving individuals, kickbacks or compensation for bringing them drug addicts.

  • So let’s say for example…. I’m the owner of a treatment center…. I’m talking to you about bringing me someone that I can treat…. In return I pay you 500 bucks, which is against the law… Then I’m out $500. So how do I make that 500 back?……

(Bite 4 Justin Kunzlemen)

6– Sara: Can you explain what recently happened with the ‘Whole Life Recovery’ scenario? And who was involved?

  • James Kigar (CEO) hired Christopher Hutson (for day to day operations)
    • Gave Kigar more time at his yoga studio in Boca
    • Ex con within the same industry makes it easy.

Sara: Well thank you for being here and speaking with us, Nick.

Nick: Thank you for having me, Sara.

Sara: Ending: South Florida Journal’s, Nick McNeil, telling us about patient brokering and the case that involved Whole Life Recovery.

Investigative Story performed on Florida Atlantic's Campus

On December 29, 2016 students at University Park were unaware of what was going to happen that day, a day where all the families involved will never forget.

Nicholas Max Acosta, 19, of Boynton Beach, was shot and killed Tuesday at University Park in his girlfriend’s dorm. This dorm is located down the street from campus. The shooter, Donovan Malik Henry, 19, of Miramar is charged with first degree murder and robbery with a firearm. However, this case is still an open investigation considering there are some suspects that haven’t been brought to justice.

Henry, joined the FAU’s soccer team as a freshman defensive player. He was majoring in civil engineering and sports management. He was named 2014 and 2015 FHSAA All- Broward First Team during his stay at Plantation High.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Acosta, the deceased,  had two drug related situations with the law. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office deputies detained him twice in 2014 for the possession of marijuana. However, all charges were dropped after he completed a diversion program.

Roberta T (source protected) a junior biology major, who resides at the University Park apartments, said “It was such a tragedy when I had heard what happened, considering I was off campus during that time. All I know is that I couldn’t get into the complex till late that night.” Moments after the shooting, the police and SWAT team had cornered off the whole building making sure no one got in or out.

An officer (source protected), a veteran with the FAU”s campus Police had some interesting things to say about the situation. It was alarming to hear that on a good day FAU will have the lieutenant, sergeant, and four officers on duty. When asked what he means by this he replied “Well we are very short staffed so we need all the help we can get. I spend most of my time patrolling the breezeway making sure students are following the rules.”

The officer contemplates whether or not a sheriff or security guard should be present in the breezeway.

“I get tied up doing this while I could be doing something else, like scouting the apartment complexes. To me the shooting could have been prevented.”

At University Park, they have one security guard and a front desk assistant. Each student has their own key that they have to swipe to get into the doors. However, there is a code to get into the main entrance of the complex. The potential problem is that students share gate codes with other people.

“I mean I share the password with only people I’m really close with, I know it may not help because other people are giving it out to everyone, but at least I’m helping the cause,” RT says.

The halls of University Park have no cameras. “When you look at the complex from outside you would imagine they would, RT states.”

Upark, a term students use, is the upgraded version of all apartments on campus. It is equipped with its own state of the art gym, a pool scenery that looks like one out of a commercial, and even a bar setup. One would imagine with all the amenities this complex has to offer, the school would invest in an upgraded camera system.

Hopefully in the near future, Florida Atlantic University will take action by implementing tighter security rather than trying to make Upark the main attraction of the housing options.

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